We must continue Plan Colombia: Foreign Minister

Colombia’s Foreign Minister Jaime Bermúdez disagrees with the country’s
vice-President Francisco Santos and stated Sunday that Colombia should not pull out
of Plan Colombia, the multi-billion dollar U.S.-Colombian plan to fight
the production of coca.

Santos had earlier told his former newspaper El Tiempo that Colombia should pull out of the deal, stating, “The treatment we have received from sectors within U.S. society and from
sectors of that country’s Congress is unjust to Colombia. And I will
tell you something more: it is undignified.”

According to Santos, the political cost is too high to continue. The vice-President also stated that the plan, having cost more than 6 billion dollars, have reached its goal already.

Bermúdez disagrees with this and assured the same newspaper, “This plan is necessary to be able to consolidate good results in the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism.”

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