VP Garzon in ‘satisfactory’ condition

Doctors said that Colombia’s Vice President Angelino Garzon, who took office on Saturday, is in a “satisfactory” condition after undergoing emergency heart bypass surgery Monday.

The vice president is said to be conscious and doctors are in the process of removing him from from life support machines, but he remains in intensive care in Bogota’s Shaio clinic

Garzon is expected to be moved out of intensive care in the next few hours and will probably be home by the end of the week. Hospital director Doctor Carlos Alberto Cardona said the vice president will be incapacitated for at least a month.

The newly sworn-in Colombian politician was rushed to hospital Monday morning. Initially there was uncertainty as to whether he had suffered a heart attack or not, but Cardona said that Garzon underwent the operation to prevent a possible heart attack.

New Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wished his second-in-command a speedy recovery, following an historic meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Santa Marta Tuesday.

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