Venezuela confirms drug lord’s arrest via Twitter

Venezuelan Minister for the Interior Tareck El Aissami Thursday confirmed the arrest of Jaime Alberto Marin, alias “Beto Marin,” boss of Colombia’s Norte del Valle drug cartel, via his Twitter account.

“A big blow to drug trafficking. Alias Beto Marin captured. Boss of the Norte del Valle cartel. He is one the world’s most wanted,” El Aissami Tweeted.

The arrest of Beto Marin, who Interpol had issued a red notice against, brings the total of major narco-traffickers captured this year by Venezuela to sixteen.

The Valle del Norte cartel is one of Colombia’s most powerful drug trafficking organizations, which operates out of the south-west Valle del Cauca department.

In July Venezuela arrested Valle del Norte cartel drug lord Carlos Alberto Renteria Mantilla, alias “Beto Renteria.”

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