US-Colombia joint mission targets international drug cartel

Colombian police chief Oscar Naranjo announced on Wednesday that Colombian and U.S. authorities will launch a new phase of “Operation Frontiers,” aimed at dismantling one of the largest-ever drug-trafficking cartels run jointly by criminals in the two countries, reported El Espectador.

Operation Frontiers is being carried out simultaneously in ten countries, and on Monday led to the arrest of the 21 suspected drug traffickers in various cities throughout Colombia.

Naranjo explained that the operation will now enter a new phase, targeting those directly responsible for the organization of drug shipments to locations in Central America and the United States.

Colombia’s authorities will search and seize aircrafts and properties located in Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Bucaramanga which police suspect are used by the cartel.

The cartel is believed to be made up of members from trafficking organizations “Loco Barrera,” “Los Mellizos” and “Los Rastrojos” and is suspected of having strong links with powerful Mexican drug cartels.

Naranjo explained that national police would be working closely with the North American authorities and Colombia’s prosecutor general to capture the criminals.

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