US-Colombia FTA to produce ‘economic growth, social transformation’: Santos

The free trade agreement between the U.S. and Colombia will produce “concrete benefits of economic growth and social transformation,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced after U.S. President Barack Obama signed the FTA into law Friday.

“I have wanted to convene this meeting with workers, business people, leaders, representatives of all Colombians, to share with you and with the country our vision of the transformative and revolutionary impact of the recently approved free trade agreement between Colombia and the United States,” Santos said.

The Colombian president met with workers, business people, and unionists to present the newly approved FTA and encourage all Colombians to together with the government take full advantage of the trade deal.

Obama also met with labor representatives after the signing.

“Equally, for us to start from now to work, united, to translate this great opportunity in concrete benefits of economic growth and, above all, social transformation,” Santos declared.

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