US and Colombia work together for ethnic equality

The coordination committee for the Action Plan on Racial and Ethnic Equality between the U.S. and Colombia met for the first time on Wednesday, to discuss progress since the plan’s signing on January 12.

In a collaborative effort by the Colombian and U.S. governments, the plan seeks to implement a range of schemes to help ethnic minorities in fields such as education, health, housing and unemployment, amongst others.

The committee’s first meeting was held in Bogota, chaired by Colombia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Clemencia Forero Ucros, the Deputy Minister of Interior, Viviana Manrique, the deputy head of the Diplomatic Mission of the U.S. in Colombia, Brian Nichols, the Colombian ambassador to the U.S., Carolina Barco and a delegate for the U.S. ambassador to Colombia, William Brownfield.

The plan will work to encourage and strengthen bilateral projects for ethnic minorities and share knowledge and ideas for ways in which to develop opportunities for minorities living in each country.

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