Uruguayan president calls for mediation between Colombia and Venezuela

Uruguay’s new President Jose Mujica called for mediation between Colombia and Venezuela, after meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, reported El Tiempo on Monday.

Following the meeting, the newly inaugurated president of Uruguay told reporters, “There needs to be as much mediation as possible to cool down the match [because] here in America feuds [with force] wont solve anything.”

President Uribe described the encounter with President Mujica as “practical, friendly and brotherly” and affirmed that Colombia’s relations with Uruguay have been and will continue to be excellent.

The Colombian president also said that he was optimistic about plans for collaboration between the Andean Community and Mercasur trade blocs.

President Uribe has been in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo to hold talks with the country’s new president, who started his first term in office on Monday.

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