Uribe proposes new meeting with indigenous leaders

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe proposed to meet indigenous leaders
next week in Popayán, after Sunday angry indigenous leaders refused to
talk to him, because he let them wait for more than three hours.

Uribe had preferred meeting escaped FARC hostage Oscar Tulio Lizcano, while he was supposed to meet with indigenous leaders who had been marching to Cali for four days, ended up for the meeting with the indigenous leaders three hours late.

The insulted indigenous leaders had already left and the 40,000 indigenous protesters present at the University campus refused to listen to Uribe.

To make up for the failed meeting Sunday, the President proposes to hold new talks next Sunday in Popayán. Uribe had proposed talks in that city before, which was rejected by the indigenous leaders then.

The indigenous leaders will decide Monday whether to acept the President’s invitation or will march to Bogotá as they had threatened to do before, W Radio reported Monday.

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