Uribe holds 2 hour meeting with Santos


President Alvaro Uribe spoke for two hours with Juan Manuel Santos, winner of the first round of the presidential elections, in a meeting the Casa de Nariño described as “personal between two old friends,” reports La FM.

During the two-hour meeting Santos reiterated his commitment to preserving the policies initiated by President Uribe on issues such as democratic security, investor confidence and social cohesion.

However, sources at the Casa de Nariño said that President Uribe would have no direct participation in the policies of his successor, whoever that may be.

In the 24 hours before Sunday’s elections, President Uribe made twelve radio addresses calling for a continuation of his polices by the new government.

Juan Manuel Santos won 46.56% of the vote in the first round of elections, ahead of Antanas Mockus on 21.49%, resulting in a run-off election which is scheduled for June 20.

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