Uribe Facebook death threat suspect released

The alleged creator of the Facebook group, “I will kill Jeronimo Uribe, son of Alvaro Uribe,” was released from home detention by a Bogota judge, because the legal deadline for his trial expired, reports El Espectador.

During a preparatory hearing on March 24, the judge overturned almost all the evidence against the 23-year-old art student, Nicolas Castro.

The Bogota court then requested that the trial be restarted due to errors made by the prosecution. However before the second trial could start, the legal deadline expired.

Castro has always vehemently denied creating the group and claimed that the prosecution had no evidence against him.

“What they found was a comment of mine [in the Facebook group] and since then they started to link me [with the creation of the group]. They decided that I had created the group based on a conversation of mine that was taken out of context,” Castro said.

The student said that the prosecutor general should be held accountable for an arrest that was based on “a very slight suspicion” and that Colombia should be “careful when censoring opinions.”

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