UN praises Colombia’s youth, reminds Duque to ‘fully implement’ peace deal

Antonio Guterres (Image: UN Photo)

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres praised Colombia’s youth on Tuesday and echoed anti-government protesters’ demand to “fully implement” a peace deal with former FARC rebels.

In his quarterly report to the UN Security Council, Guterres highlighted young Colombians’ efforts to push forward the peace process and the failures of the government of President Ivan Duque to implement the deal.

Young people, especially those involved in student organizations, have been very active in the popular protests of recent weeks, calling also for the protection and full implementation of the Peace Agreement.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

The UN chief listed a number of delays, attempts to sabotage and government failures to comply with its obligations to the 2016 peace process and provide basic security, especially to those involved in the peace process.

Guterres reiterated his concern about the ongoing mass killing of social leaders and an escalation in the murders of demobilized members of the FARC.

According to the UN chief, at least 20 FARC members were assassinated over the past three months, “which makes 2019 the most violent year for ex-combatants since the signing of the Peace Agreement.”

The total number of killings is now 173, in addition to 14 disappearances and 29 assassination attempts.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Verified assassinations of FARC members during peace process

Source: United Nations

Guterres called on the government to effectively execute the elements of the peace deal that would provide security to demobilized FARC members, those taking part in the peace process and community leaders in general.

Specifically, Guterres called on the Duque administration to fulfill his obligation to monthly convene the so-called National Commission for Security Guarantees that ought to define policies that would help dismantle the structures presumed to be behind much of the political violence.

The body responsible for developing this public policy, the National Commission on Security Guarantees, did not meet during the reporting period and has met only twice in 2019.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

The report has been sent to the Security Council, which will meet on January 13 to discuss the progress in the peace process. This meeting will be attended by Foreign Minister Claudia Blum.

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