UFOs spotted in central Colombia

Strange things are afoot in the central Colombian department of Boyaca, where several residents have spotted unidentified flying objects in the night skies, reported Caracol on Wednesday.

According to reports by local residents, UFO sightings are becoming a common occurrence in the area, particularly in the western regions of Combita, Motavita and Tunja.

Boyaca residents, who say that the sightings have been going on for many months now, are baffled by the mysterious airborne objects, and where they have come from.

Various explanations for the UFOs have been suggested, the most popular – and perhaps most eccentric – being that the lights belong to other-worldly creatures.

Combita resident Nury Gamarra voiced one popular opinion that the objects are in fact “divine ships coming for their chosen ones,” whilst other argue that they are witnessing extraterrestrial aircrafts.

Whatever they are, Boyaca residents are convinced that the UFOs belong to unearthly beings.

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