Two South American outsourcing leaders merge


Allus and Contax, two of the leading businesses in South America in the areas of call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO), will join forces to form a strategic regional partnership, El Espectador reported Thursday.

The deal will turn Allus into the major player in the region in communications and outsourcing services. It has 117 clients, 56 service centers and nearly 120,000 employees.

Contax has a presence in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, USA and Spain, employs 14,000 workers and provides services to 63 clients such as insurance companies and financial institutions. They outbid Indian and American companies to win the deal, said to be worth over $200 million.

In Colombia, Allus has 21% of the BPO market and had a 14% growth in revenue during 2010. Contax, which has 26% of the BPO market in Brazil, made the right offer and sealed the deal this week.

The traditional customers of both companies now have access to a broad portfolio of services such as call centers and telemarketing available in Spanish, Portuguese and English, plus a wider geographical coverage.

“Now we enter a very interesting stage, in which we offer the best quality and advice to our clients seeking to enter the Brazilian market,” said José Roberto Sierra, president of Allus Colombia.

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