Two more politicians investigated for FARC-politics

The prosecution decided to officially investigate the politicians after a demobilized guerrilla stated the two had had contact with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Members of Congress suspected of FARC-politics
  • Carlos Julio González Villa(Liberal Party)
  • Luis Enrique Dussán López(Huila nuevo Liberalismo)
  • Piedad Córdoba(Liberal Party)
  • Gloria Inéz Ramírez(Polo Democrático)
  • Wilson Borja(Polo Democrático)

Julio González denies any links with the guerrillas and says Fernando Bahamón Céspedes, the guerrilla that accuses them of being close to the rebels, is “is not a demobilized, but mentally ill”.Enrique Dussán agrees with his colleague. In an interview with La FM he pulled out a medical report about Bahamón that said he is a “man with fantasies and shows signs of mental problems”.The guerrilla had told Colombian magazine Semana earlier this month how the two politicians met with leaders of the Teófilo Forero front.

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