2 dead in more southern Colombia ‘FARC’ attacks

Two people were killed in an alleged FARC attack on a convoy of oil trucks Monday in the southern Colombian department of Caqueta, reported local media.

The guerrillas blocked the road and ambushed the trucks, killing the driver and another unidentified person, according to a Transamazonia oil company spokesperson. Military personnel responded to the attack with gunfire.

Six people were injured earlier in Caqueta Monday after the FARC allegedly detonated a house bomb.

Guerrilla activity has been particularly strong in Caqueta in recent years, notably against oil companies. Emerald Energy has suspended operations in the area following a succession of guerrilla attacks.

A 14-year-old also died Monday in the neighboring Putumayo department after stepping on a landmine allegedly planted by guerrillas.

A commander from the military’s jungle brigade has blamed guerrillas for the explosion, stating that they do not respect the lives of children or peasants and that they use landmines as a weapon of protest against the government’s eradication of illicit crops.

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