Tourism to Colombia promoted in Spain

The Colombian Tourism and Hotel Association (COTELCO) promoted Colombia as a competitive tourist destination at the 13th Annual Ibero-American Conference of Secretaries and Managers of Tourism (CIMET) in Madrid, reported Tuesday.

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COTELCO President Jaime Alberto Cabal told the conference “Colombia is a safe country to invest in and visit” and asked Ibero-American investors and businessmen to consider Colombia as an outstanding international tourist destination. He stressed that foreign investors in Colombia enjoy full legal protection.

The 13th Annual CIMET concluded that the gradual development of the tourism sector in each of the member states is key, in accordance with the International Monetary Fund’s belief that “the tourism sector will be the great drive behind financial and social recovery.”

Delegates from Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela participated in the conference.

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