NCTV involved in DMG scandal

Colombia’s National Television Commission (NCTV) has been involved in the DMG scandal that has been stirring the country for the last few weeks.

According to the Prosecutor General, the commission gave a license to
transmit via satellite to a company which is related to DMG.

The director of DMG, David Guzmán is in prison and is accused of money laundering. Thousands of Colombians invested their money in DMG, which was closed by the government, and are now trying to get their money back.

Politicians, business men, journalists and even the two sons of the Colombian president Uribe have been involved in the scandal.

The police were told that Raúl Reyes, a FARC-commander who was killed in a bombing by the army, tried to put five billion pesos in DMG. For the police this is an extra indication that DMG laundered money for the leftist guerrilla group.

On the other hand there are indications that DMG also laundered money for the right wing paramilitary commander Macaco. The public prosecutor suspects that DMG laundered money for the drug mafia in exchange of 45 percent of the profits. 

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