Taliana Vargas joins other former Miss Colombias on screen

Officially the world’s second most beautiful woman and former Miss
Colombia, Taliana Vargas will join Andrea Nocetti (Miss Colombia 2000)
in the Colombian soap opera Todos odian a Bermúdez (Everybody hates Bermúdez).

Vargas will be the fourth Miss Colombia to grace Colombian television. Valerie Domínguez (Miss Colombia 2005) is playing the the soap opera El último matrimonio feliz (the last happy marriage) and Eileen Roca (Miss Colombia 2006) plays a role in Oye bonita (Hey beautiful).

Vargas, talking to newspaper El Tiempo, said she didn’t accept the role for the money, but for the experience. “The role was made for me; a cosmopolitan woman, hard worker, educated, modern, young and with the world at her feet. But more important than anything, I wanted to know what it is to work as an actress,” she said.

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