Helicopter crash survivors in serious condition

Four surviving victims of a helicopter crash in Colombia’s Tolima department all remain in a serious condition in a local military hospital, reported Colombian media on Wednesday.

According to an official from the military hospital in which the men are being treated, all four of the victims have suffered burns on 88% of their bodies, as well as multiple other injuries.

The accident, which saw two Bell 222 helicopters crash into each other near the town of Chaparral, has so far claimed the lives of seven of the aircrafts’ passengers, five of whom died immediately on impact and two dying later, as a result of their injuries.

Among the victims are one general and one corporal.

Speaking about the accident, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said “We are deeply saddened by the sacrifice of soldiers and police in Colombia, thanks to whom the country has been improving.”

Uribe also announced that the country would be observing a minute’s silence in respect for the deceased men.

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