Supreme Court: No conclusive evidence against Cordoba

Colombia’s Supreme Court President Jaime Arrubla said Monday that his judicial body has not seen conclusive evidence that Senator Piedad Cordoba is guilty of “FARC-politics.”

According to Arrubla, the inspector general’s investigation into allegations that Cordoba collaborated with the FARC outside the parameters of her role as a hostage release negotiator, was opened without sufficient evidence.

“The doctor Piedad Cordoba was acting on the part of the government,” Arrubla said.

The investigation stems from evidence allegedly found in dead FARC leader “Raul Reyes” files, which the Inspector General’s Office claims suggest that the Colombians for Peace leader was involved in FARC-politics.

Cordoba has denied the accusations on many occasions, saying that she is being prosecuted for the “crime of opinion,” and that the charges are “persecution,” which “come from the presidency.”

The opposition senator cut short a trip to Europe in April, where she was campaigning for a “humanitarian exchange” of FARC hostages for incarcerated guerrillas, in order to return to Colombia to deal with the charges against her.

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