Stuck in Colombia? Our home is your home until you’re repatriated

Colombia may maintain its ban on international travel. Your embassy will inform you about repatriation. Meanwhile, our home is your home.

President Ivan Duque‘s consideration is not unique. Because Latin America was relatively late in being affected by the coronavirus, responses are adjusted to the situation to protect the local population.

Foreign embassies have been arranging repatriation flights since the beginning of the lockdown to facilitate their citizens’ return to the best of their abilities.

If you wish to go home or sign up for repatriation flights, make sure to pay close attention to announcements made by your embassy.

Your embassy in Colombia

Because of the extraordinary situation, please understand that the logistics of repatriating citizens from around the world are enormous; they require the cooperation of airliners and aviation authorities around the world..

To give you an example of the scope of the operation, the United States Department of State, for example, has repatriated almost 90,000 Americans from more than 130 countries. This cannot be arranged in a day.

I can only imagine the discomfort of those who want to go home, but please be patient, you will be taken care of.

If you have any kind of question your embassy won’t be able to answer or any need your embassy can’t provide, feel free to contact Colombia Reports. This website’s community is large, hospitable and we will always find someone to help you.

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