Six dead in FARC bus attack

Six people were killed in Colombia on Friday morning when FARC guerrillas attacked an intercity bus travelling between the cities of Cali and Pasto.

According to reports from the Governor of southern Colombian Nariño department, the Trans Ipiales intercity bus was attacked by FARC guerrillas of the Mariscal Sucre faction at around 9AM on Friday resulting in the deaths of six people.

There were 18 passengers aboard when guerrillas allegedly attempted to stop the bus which was travelling from Cali, through Pasto and then onto the south western port of Tumaco, reported Colombian media Friday.

The Governor Antonio Navarro Wolf stated that the bus driver refused to stop at which point the rebels opened fire. The FARC the proceeded to incinerate the vehicle without allowing passengers to disembark.

Wolf has not disclosed extensive detail, but confirmed that six people were killed in the attack – four adults and two children.

According to newspaper El Espectador the Governor denounced the attack as an act of unprecedented savagery on the part of the FARC.

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