Short-sighted lady spots Holy Virgin in onion

A nearsighted woman claimed the Holy Virgin has appeared in an onion growing on a wooden beam near the city hall of a central Colombian town.

Janeth Diaz, the secretary of the mayor in Fusagasuga, told newspaper El Colombiano the allegedly divine onion grew out of an ancient wooden balk on the parking lot of the city hall.

According to the woman, who does not read the Bible “because it hurts to read” and at times takes the wrong bus because she “can’t read the route signs,” German, the care taker of the mayor’s office parking lot, is not allowing her to take care of what she perceives as a virgin appearance.

German hasn’t allowed the mayor’s secretary to build a shrine “that protects her from water and wind” because according to the caretaker, “this is how it was born and this is how it stays,” the lady told the reporter.

“How sad for the Virgin. Imagine that she’s left closed in on Saturdays and Sundays and the people can’t come in and see her. German makes her do office hours; from 8 to 12 and from 2 to 6, as if she were a public servant,” the lady complained.

According to Diaz, she has spent since mid-July bickering with the official who also won’t allow her to take photos for tourist postcards. All the while, the worshiper has brought offerings to the onion.

Dozens of hypotheses have arisen regarding the allegedly sacred onion.

According to Diaz, the virgin appeared “so that we have strengthened faith,” but according to German the virgin came down to warn the city’s corrupt politicians. “They take all the money and the people suffer,” the caretaker told the newspaper.

“It’s a warning to the leaders of Fusagasuga, so they return to the path of the righteous…it is dramatic that over the past ten years we have had 11 mayors. It’s an embarrassment for our hard-working and devoted people,” a local magazine said in an editorial.

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