Security increased for judge in Palace of Justice case

Colombian authorities reinforced security measures for Bogota judge Stella Jara, who is in charge of the trial against retired army colonel Alfonso Plazas Vega, due to reports that judicial figure is being followed.

Jara is expected to give her ruling soon on the Plazas Vegas case. The retired colonel is on trial for his alleged resposiblity in the disappearance of eleven civilians during the 1985 Palace of Justice siege.

This is not the first time that Jara has been threatened. In January authorities uncovered a plot to assassinate the judge.

Eleven civilians who were caught up in the M-19 guerrilla’s occupation of Bogota’s Palace of Justice in 1985, were saved from the building by the army, but later disappeared. Twenty five years after the crisis no one has been convicted for the men and women’s disappearance.

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