Uribe refuses to condemn Santos campaign ‘voice-alike’

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says he neither supports nor condemns the use of a “voice-alike” in campaign advertisements for presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos.

The president told Radio Clima de Cali that during his eight years in power many people had impersonated his voice and nobody had asked permission to do so.

“No one has asked permission to imitate me, no one has called me to ask if I would authorize it. These issues are very difficult for me,” Uribe said.

Santos defended the use of a President Alvaro Uribe “sound-alike” on Wednesday, saying it was just a bit of “playfulness.”

The Partido de la U’s candidate’s defensive comments followed criticism by Conservative Party presidential candidate Noemi Sanin on Monday, who claimed that Santos was using false advertising to win votes.

“The country needs to be told, so that they are not tricked,” the former ambassador said.

This year’s race for the presidency has been characterized by smear campaigns and other dirty tactics.

Colombians go to the polls on May 30 to vote for their new president.

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