Santos’ approval rating rises slightly after FARC leader’s death

The approval rating of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has barely risen despite the recent killing of FARC leader Alfonso Cano; 83% of Colombians approve of their president’s policies, a poll revealed Tuesday.

According to the CM& poll, 13% of Colombians disapprove of the Santos’ policies.

In a poll held in September, Santos had an approval rating of 82%.

Santos scored particularly high when it comes to maintaining foreign relations, the fight against corruption and his economic policies.

However, despite claiming the lowest unemployment rates in the past 14 years, Colombians showed to be divided over the President’s labor policies: 49% of the interviewed Colombians approve of these, while another 49% disapprove.

A majority of 87% of Colombians is positive about the future of Colombia and, contrary to previous polls, a majority is also positive about the security in the country.

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