Sanctions upheld for Colombian officials found guilty of contract corruption

Colombia’s inspector general upholds sanctions against two Institute of Urban Development (IDU) officials banned from public office for 11 years, following an appeal, CM& reported Monday.

Former director general Liliana Pardo Gaona, and former legal technician Inocencio Melendez Julio were sanctioned due to irregularities in the awarding of contracts in the Bogota public works corruption scandal between 2007 and 2008.

According to the Second Inspector Delegated to state contracting, Melendez Julio in his capacity of carrying out duties ordered by Pardo awarded 10 contracts without complying to laws and regulations. The contracts were for very high values and did not conform to the fee tariff for contractors prescribed by the IDU at the time.

There is no doubt that each of the 10 contracts that Mr Inocencio Melendez awarded went above the maximum value stipulated in the table of regimented tariffs of the IDU, which should not exceed $5,400.

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