Russia issues travel warning for Colombia’s tropical zones

Russia warns its citizens not to travel to Colombia’s most tropical areas amid fears of an increase in dengue fever and malaria infections in the South American country.

“According to information that has arrived from Colombia, the authorities of that country have warned the population of a serious deterioration of the epidemiological situation regarding the illnesses malaria and dengue fever,” a press release from the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian authorities advised their citizens to “refrain from traveling to the tropical zones of Colombia where there is a dangerous epidemiological situation.”

Colombian health authorities had warned about the increased danger for the mosquito-borne diseases earlier this month following an exceptionally hot and dry season. Especially in territory below 5,900 feet (1,800 kilometer), there is a heightened risk of catching dengue and malaria.

The United States and United Kingdon have not changed their travel advice on Colombia.

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