‘Reyes’ files decision says nothing about legitimacy of military operation: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s High Tribunal Thursday affirmed that the decision regarding the use of fallen FARC commander Raul Reyes’ computers as evidence says nothing about the legality of the military operation in which the computer was confiscated.

Supreme Court President Camilo Humberto Tarquino Gallego said that the Wednesday pronouncement of the tribunal was judicial, not political, since the actual legality of the military operation in which Reyes’ computer was found was never analyzed, Colombian media reported.

Tarquino was referring to the court’s ruling that evidence found on Reyes’ computers, which were taken in the military operation “Fenix,” cannot be used to prove connections of former socialist congressman Wilson Borja with the guerrilla organization.

“The court referred solely to the case of Mr. Wilson Borja, it was a distinctly judicial analysis and completely respected the military operation,” said Tarquino.

The tribunal’s president also stressed that each investigation initiated that pertains to evidence found on Reyes’ computers should be analyzed individually, because each investigation is distinct.

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