Colombia ombudsman asks FARC and ELN to clarify responsibility of attack

Jorge Armando Otalora (Photo: El Universal)

Colombia’s Ombudsman called on guerrilla groups to clarify their responsibility for an ambush that killed five police officers, injured three with another missing earlier this week.

Ombudsman Jorge Otalora has asked left-wing insurgents the ELN to clarify their involvement in Monday’s attack that took place in the rural municipality of Taraza, situated 138 miles from Medellin reported national media.

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The ambush was originally believed to be committed by Colombia’s oldest and largest guerrilla force the FARC however comments made by Colombia’s Police Chief Rodolfo Palomino later in the week claim the ELN were in fact responsible.

Otalora has asked the ELN to respect the life of the missing policeman Sierra Acosta, 19, who is presumed to be be kidnapped.

This latest attack comes at a time when the ELN has been urging the government to set up peace negotiations similar to those taking place between the government and the FARC in Cuba.

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