Representative reports intimidation to authorities

A Chamber of Representatives member on Monday denounced threats to publish evidence allegedly showing him sexually abusing children as an attempt to discredit him with a “dirty campaign.”

Hernando José Padauí, ex-president of the third commission of the chamber, said to authorities that he is being made a victim of extortion, blackmail, libel and slander.

In Cartagena on Friday he said that someone is intimidating him by threatening to release videos said to contain him committing acts of sexual abuse. Padauí said that he knows of no such videos and has never been involved in any recording of sexual activities.

He said: “I want authorities to conduct investigations to identify the people who are behind this intimidation.”

Padauí has said that he is not ruling out the possibility that the threats are related to his efforts to expose corruption in the department of Bolívar including a controversy surrounding the loss of money from the region’s State Social Enterprise.


  • Congresista denuncia ser víctima de extorsión con ‘falsa denuncia’ (El Espectador)
  • Congresista estaría amenazado de muerte por denunciar corrupción (La F.M.)

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