Rebels blow up truck in southwest Colombia; 26 injured

A bomb explosion near a police station in southwest Colombia injured 26 people Monday.

A van, laden with explosives and bananas, blew up near a police station in Suarez, a municipality in north the north of the Cauca department leaving numerous injured and a police station crumbled.

According to Mayor Ruben Dario Devia, the van was placed near the police station Sunday night and later detonated via some sort of electronic device. Dario confirmed that several police and civilians were injured, albeit not seriously.

In addition to the Mayor, multiple news agencies are claiming FARC is responsible for the attack.

Last year, the FARC’s supreme commander Alfonso Cano was killed in a bomb explosion near Suarez and ever since the community has suffered from the anxiety that has come with increasing guerrilla attacks.

According to Mayor Dario, “hundreds of farmers have been displaced from the upper area of the region by permanent military operations and armed clashes.”

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