Rally car races head to the Colombian Caribbean

The Nacam Rally Championship will begin on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast on Friday night, taking place in several cities including Cartagena.

Those seeking speed and excitement should head to the cities of Cartagena, Turbaco, Cañaveral, Chiquito and Zipacoa, all found in the coastal Bolivar department.

The race takes place October 14-16, and will include drivers from all around South American, including Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. It will include 10 tracks and covers 63 miles in total.

The competition will be held in two stages; Saturday’s will see 10 races while Sunday’s events include two “super-special” races, with the cars’ order being determined by the previous day’s results.

Fernando Jaramillo, the Director of the Free Wheel Foundation for Colombia, said, “in Colombia it is the first time that they are going to be able to enjoy an event of this nature, we hope that in addition to enjoying the competition, we learn from the organization and the experience of FIA [International Automobile Federation] so that this race competition can become permanent.”

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