“French intelligence confirms FARC-ETA ties”

French intelligence documents confirmed Colombia’s largest rebel group
FARC had ties to Basque armed separatists ETA, Spanish radio station
Cadena Ser reported Thursday

According to the radio station,the documents were seized in a raid on houses of suspected ETA’s members.

The two illegal armed groups met at least three times and members of the ETA were offered shelter in FARC camps while in exchange ETA offered medical care to FARC guerrillas, the French security documents would say.

The documents would also reveal how leaders of FARC and ETA met for a week in 2003 and were exchanging information about combat techniques and the use of explosives.

The FARC allegedly also asked the Basque insurgents to kidnap Colombian officials in Spain.

Both Colombian and Spanish intelligence had earlier spoken about the ties between the Colombians and Basques.

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