Political reform debate: coalition divided, opposition leaves

Colombian opposition parties Polo Democrático and the Liberal Party
pulled out of the first of eight debates on the government proposed
political and judicial reforms in the House of Representatives and
coalition party Partido de la U withdrew its support for the bill.

Polo initially asked to nullify the planned first vote on the political reform, because according to the party, the House wasn’t informed properly about the beginning of the voting rounds for the bill.

After three hours of discussions both Polo and the Liberals decided to pack their bags and boycott the debate.

Coalition Party Partido de la U also withdrew their support for the political reform, because it opposes the clause that makes it possible for current President Uribe to run for president again in 2014.

The party, as organizer of a referendum that demanded Uribe to be able to run for a third term in 2010, wants the government to do as the voters on the referendum demanded.

The Partido de la U would support a possible prolonging of the current term of the popular Uribe, avoidingany election debate.

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