Police officer killed during kidnapping attempt in northeast Colombia

(Photo: Frontera Informativa)

An attempted kidnapping of a former mayor’s son has left one police officer dead and one injured after the patrol intercepted three assailants carrying out the crime in Colombia’s northeast state of Santander, national media reported on Sunday.

Officers Erika Olivera Vega, who died during the incident, and Edwin Javier Sequeda were fired on by three men after the patrol responded the to alerts by members of the town of Giron regarding the attempted kidnapping of Jorge Andres Fonseca, 21, the son of an ex-mayor of the town, El Tiempo newspaper reported.

Twenty-one year-old Olivera, who had been on the police force for just two years, was shot in the chest and spine, while Sequeda, who was driving the patrol’s motorbike, received four shots to his chest, right arm, and back.

Following the attack on the police officers, a search operation was conducted by the police of the area, culminating with the arrests of the three men identified as Elver Castellanos Mogotocoro, 29, Inocencio Leon Osma, 39, and Pablo Antonio Ortiz Gutierrez, 47, Vanguardia newspaper reported.

Director of the National Police, General Rodolfo Palomino, mourned the passing of officer Oliver and commended her for her bravery, El Tiempo reported.

“The heroism of our patrolwoman Erika [Oliver], feeds the spirit of service of all police officers. Rest in peace,” Palomino said.


According to Vanguardia, the three alleged perpetrators had visited Fonseca at least two times in the past week and proposed an exchange of land for a house that they were building, an offer declined by Fonseca.

The men face charges for the crimes of aggravated homicide, attempted homicide, kidnapping, and possession of illegal firearms. It is not yet known if the three men were part of a criminal organization. 


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