Police seize ton of cocaine in Cordoba

Colombian authorities seized a ton of cocaine, reportedly destined for Mexico, in a rural area in the northern Colombian department of Cordoba. Police said the drug shipment has a street value of $2 million.

The consignment of drugs was found inside a container in a truck transporting hay. The container had a false bottom, El Universal reported.

Cordoba police commander Pedro Angelo Franco Sanbria said the shipment is believed to belong to criminal group “Los de Uraba.”

The shipment’s first destination was the town of Necocli, Antioquia, and it had come from the country’s interior, according to preliminary investigations.

Franco said the truck’s driver, who had offered authorities $150,000 to be allowed to pass, was arrested.

Police offered a reward of $200,000 to anyone who can give more information about the operation.

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