Police massacres cross the line, Colombia’s defense minister must go

Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo

If Colombia’s government wants to recover legitimacy, it must acknowledge the obvious; police massacres cross the line. Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo must go.

Apart from acting like a criminal psychopath, even his inept colleagues have called Trujillo “useless,” I don’t even know if there exists a word for the defense minister’s level of ineptitude.

Putting him in charge of the security forces is detrimental to national security and an evident threat to public security; police in Bogota murdered at least nine people in what looks like a concerted effort to sow terror.

As if being responsible for state terrorism wasn’t enough, the security forces are losing ground to illegal armed groups, there is no sign of a policy to curb urban and organized crime, and Trujillo confuses public order with social order.

Furthermore, instead of reducing national defense threats, like the superior military arsenal of Venezuela, the defense minister’s utter ineptitude has only increased these threats.

Those who know Trujillo’s history are all but surprised the defense minister is unfit for the job; the guy has failed every job he ever got his greasy fingers on and has shown signs of suffering a personality disorder since the 1990’s.

We are dealing with the guy who was the mayor of Cali when the Cali Cartel ran the city hall. As interior minister, Trujillo believed paramilitary massacres were a legislative issue.

He may not wear tin foil hats in public, but clearly there is something wrong with this guy whose last name has become a synonym of corruption.

The minister’s father was publicly praised by Pablo Escobar and Trujillo’s brother was ejected from politics because of his possibly genetic corruption.

If Trujillo in his sick mind believes he can get away with massacres, this gives President Ivan Duque the opportunity recover the legitimacy his sad excuse for a government has squandered.

According to my psychologist, Duque too is a psychopath, so the removal of Trujillo and the recovery of the government’s legitimacy will probably fall on Congress.

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