Colombian police capture narco-trafficking gang member

Police from Colombia’s Antioquia department on Thursday announced the arrest of Wilber Alexander Munoz Patino, believed to be a member of criminal organization the Office of Envigado, reported El Espectador.

According to police reports Munoz Patino, who was captured by police in Medellin, was working under the command of the organization’s leader Maximiliano Bonilla, alias “Valenciano,” whose capture is a top priority for the Colombian authorities.

The Office of Envigado has been linked with homicide and drug trafficking, as well as having alleged ties with Colombia’s paramilitary. It was headed by Medellin crime lord Diego “Don Berna” Murillo Bejarano, who has now been extradited to the U.S.

The detainee will respond to charges of murder and criminal intent.

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