Police arrests narco-tourguides

Police in Huila arrested two men who offered tourists special
narco-tours, showing them the process of cocaine production. Five American tourists who were taking the tour when also arrested.

The tour guides and their customers were arrested Wednesday just before they were about to go to a farmhouse near Nueva Zelandia, a village in the south western Huila department.

The farmhouse had a fake cocaine lab to give the tourists a peek of Colombia’s massive illicit drug production.

In the  fake cocaine lab, Police found ten grams of cocaine, a bag of what appeared to be coca paste, cement, gasoline and an unknown red-ish granular substance.

“They used a front company to attract tourists, who paid large sums of money and then were driven to rural areas where they were shown a fake coke lab,” Huila police commander Flavio Meda told newspaper El Tiempo.

The five foreigners were released after a lengthy interrogation by Colombia’s intelligence agency. The two tour guides are still held.

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