Police arrest ‘FARC aide’

The Colombian army arrested what they call a key member of a FARC support group in the department of Huila in southwest Colombia, local media reported Thursday.

The suspect, known by his alias ‘Jairo’ or ‘Javier’ is accused of being the leader of a civilian support network aiding the 17th Front of the FARC, one of the most belligerent strands of the group, operating in the north of the department.

Javier was notorious for blackmail and extortion of locals, kidnappings and collecting intelligence for the FARC as well as recruiting minors into the guerrilla’s ranks.

It was also alleged that Jairo organized the purchase and transport of materials and uniforms across the area.

The army claim that with the capture of Jairo, they have neutralized the actions of the FARC in areas of Huila.

“We were checking some irregular actions of the 17th Front and this is how we managed to capture Jairo” said Huila police commander Colonel Juan Francisco Pelaez.

The army seized seven M26 fragmentation grenades, two revolvers, 18 cartridges, four cell phones and two maps of the town of Rivera from Jairo’s residence.

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