Police arrest 15 drug traffickers in Cordoba

Colombian police arrested 15 alleged drug traffickers, believed to belong to the “Los Rastrojos” gang, in Buenavista in the north-western Cordoba department.

A prosecutor from the Anti-Narcotics Unit ordered the arrests, following an investigation by the Colombian Prosecutor General’s Office, reports El Espectador.

Five rifles, four pistols, a revolver, twelve grenades and 20 military kits were seized during the arrests.

Those arrested are expected to appear before a Buenavista judge in the next few hours on charges of intent to commit a crime, drug trafficking and attempt to evade arrest.

Los Rastrojos is considered to be one of the most powerful drug cartels in Colombia.

Votebien alleges that Los Rastrojos worked to promote certain candidates in Colombia’s congressional elections last month in order to protect the gang’s control of the multi-billion dollar drug trade.

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