Playboy chooses Colombian cutie as barmate of the month

Playboy Magazine chose popular Colombian model Stefany Alzate as their favorite barmate for their September issue.

According to her Facebook fan page, Alzate currently lives in New York, New York and bartends at Glo in Long Island.

In her interview with the Playboy, Alzate comments that “I’m from Colombia, which means I grew up speaking Spanish. Add to that the loud music at Glo, and it’s hard for me to hear most of our customers. I don’t think they mind though. I think they secretly like that it gives them a chance to lean in and brush up against me.”

It’s a wild life of bright lights and booze for the Colombian star who fondly recalls of her childhood, stating that “when I was younger I would get drunk, take my tanktop off and walk around in my bra all night.”

Cheers to that.

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