PG suspected of withholding evidence

Colombia’s Congress threatens to officially investigate Prosecutor General Mario Iguaran for withholding alleged evidence of Supreme Court magistrates’ criminal contacts.

The country’s financial police (UIAF) accused the judges Monday of having links to criminals by discovering financial irregularities. The financial police itself was criticized of monitoring the police without having that right to. Both the UIAF and intelligence service DAS are accused of illegally wiretapping government opponents.

Congress requested Iguaran himself had said that he received alleged evidence concerning the magistrates in September, but had not send the documents to Congress yet, who is constitutionally the branch to investigate members of federal courts.

“Once we have received the report and studied it, we will possibly start an investigation against the Prosecution for withholding evidence”, Liberal Representative German Olano told El Espectador Thursday. “The role of a PG is to submit any information he has and not to withhold it”, Olano added.



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