PG studying plea bargain for Nule directors

Colombia’s prosecutor general has begun studying the possibility of reaching a pre-agreement to guarantee the legal status of the Nule Group after the men accused of bribery and corruption asked that their case be postponed due to threats and uncertainties.

Morales told W Radio Wednesday that she has not made any agreements with the allegedly corrupt businessmen but is studying the possibility of granting them principal opportunity for collaborating in the case against corrupt Bogota officials who accepted bribes from the Nule Group in exchange for public works contracts in the capital.

Two court proceedings against Miguel, Manuel and Guido Nule and their associate Mauricio Galofre were canceled last week after the Nule sent a letter to the judge saying they will, at least for now, not continue cooperating with the judicial process because the prosecutor general has not “resolved their judicial situation” and has not taken precautions against the threats that the men say they and their family members are receiving.

“Threats and intimidation are increasing each day and said uncertainty does not permit that we can continue exposing our families, advisers and friends to risks that are involved with acting like we have been doing,” the four accused wrote in the letter to the magistrate.

Morales responded Wednesday saying that since they arrived in Colombia from Miami, while they were in the bunker of the Prosecutor General’s Office they were given “all the protection” and now they are under the security of prison authority INPEC.

In the letter sent to the judge, the Nule requested that last week’s trial date be rescheduled for Thursday June 16.

According to an article published Wednesday in on teh website of Semana, the Prosecutor General’s Office was going to formally accuse Miguel, Manuel and Guido Nule and Mauricio Galofre for the crimes of bribery, falsifying a private document and conspiracy to commit fraud; charges which none of the accused accepted.

It was also reported that last Tuesday’s session was postponed until July 6. In this session the cousins were expected to be convicted and sentenced for embezzlement.

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