PG investigates 156,000 murders by illegal groups

The Prosecutor General is investigating 155,977 murders committed over the last 20 years based on information supplied by close to 4,000 demobilized guerrillas and paramilitaries participating the Justice and Peace process.

A recent report on the Justice and Peace unit by the Prosecutor General evaluates the success of the reparation process, which offers demobilized guerrillas and paramilitaries reduced sentences in exchange for their cooperation with the authorities.

Of the almost 156,000 murder cases the Prosecutor General is investigating, the majority were committed by paramilitaries and a small percentage by guerrilla groups such as the FARC and the ELN, Caracol Radio reported.

The report documents 860 massacres committed by paramilitary groups. Also documented is the forced disappearance of 29,00 people, the displacement of 48,500 and the forced recruitment of 2,549 minors into both guerrilla and paramilitary groups.

Based on testimony from people participating in the Justice and Peace process, the unit will investigate 123 army officials and 93 policemen for their ties to illegal armed groups.

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