Petro leads Peñalosa in 4 of 5 Bogota mayor polls

Four out of five polls put Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Bogota mayor, in the lead against Green Party candidate, Enrique Peñalosa.

Peñalosa had been in the lead of the Napoleon Franco poll since last measuring on October 8 with 23%, but his numbers fell by 4 points to 19% while Petro gained 3 points to rise to 22%.

In third place is the independent candidate Gina Parody with 17%.

Among the five major polls (CNC, Gallup, Datexco, Cifras y Conceptos, and Napoleon Franco), Datexco stands alone having Peñalosa in the lead with Petro in second and Parody in third.

The results of the Napoleon Franco poll are based on the responses of people who had previously voted in the last election, which indicates that they are active voters, as well as people who said they would definitely vote. Together they make up 59% of the respondents, while 19% said they still don’t know whether they will vote.

Taking the 4% margin of error of the Napoleon Franco poll into account, Petro could get 18 – 26 percent of votes, Peñalosa between 15 and 23, and Parody between 13 and 21 percent, which technically makes it a three-way tie.

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