Pamphlets are psychological intimidation campaign: police

The supposed paramilitary pamphlets that have appeared in numerous
Colombian cities are part of a “psychological intimidation campaign” by
illegal armed groups, Police commander Oscar Naranjo said Monday.

The National Police chief said the pamphlets are a response to increasing military pressure on illegal armed groups and seek to cause a general anxiety among the population.

“The response of these criminal gangs has been to resort to a psychological intimidation campaign through the spreading of intimidating pamphlets and threats,” Naranjo said in a press conference on military airport Catam near Bogotá.

The Police chief stressed the pamphlets should not cause the intended fear and called on Colombians to report to authorities who is spreading the pamphlets. According to Naranjo, the Police is responding to specific threats.

“You can not fall into the trap of creating general anxiety. I repeat that the authorities are not underestimating the threats and in particular cases we have provided direct and personal personal to those who are threatened,” Naranjo said.

According to Naranjo, the threats are dispersed by both the FARC and right-wing paramilitary group Ágiulas Negras (Black Eagles).

The pamphlets, generally with the same text, but in different print, first appeared in Medellín, but later appeared in approximately 20 other Colombian cities.

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