Padre Chucho WON’T write a dirt-dishing book

Padre Chucho, real name Jesus Hernan Orjuela, former television priest on the morning show Muy Buenos Dias will not write a dirt-dishing book about the scandals at television station RCN, reported newspaper El Tiempo Tuesday.

The Padre said that “the country would tremble” if he wrote a book, but he wouldn’t put pen to paper.

“It would be something scandalous, but I prefer to keep my mouth shut. I believe that what we have to do is create reconciliation.”

Chuchu train also said that his program was pulled because one of the head honchos at the station wanted to rid it of the Catholic Church. He had denounced “false positives” – the killing of civilians by the Armed Forces – and the AIS agricultural subsidy scandal on his show.

The man of the cloth has denied rumors that he had a girlfriend and children, which stirred up some clerical controversy.

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