Number of H1N1 deaths in Colombia rises to 183

The Ministry of Social Welfare says Colombia recorded 20 deaths attributed to the H1N1/09 virus in the last week, bringing the death toll in the country to 183.

According to the report by RCN radio, Colombia to date has reported 3255 confirmed cases of the pandemic virus.

The same document stated that “confirmed cases of the virus were reported in 31 of the 32 departments, 4 districts and 191 of the 1102 municipalities.”

In the capital district Bogota, has recorded more deaths than any other city, with 74 people killed by complications from the virus. Antioquia has the most cases by department, or state, with 28 deaths.

Since the first case detected in the country last May, health authorities announced a series of recommendations to people suspected of carrying the virus.

The first case of ‘influenza A’ or swine flu in Colombia was reported on May 3 of this year in a city in the center of the country and the first fatality was that of a 23 year old youth which occured on June 4 in the country’s capital, Bogota.

The list of VIPs to have contracted the “swine flu” virus include President Alvaro Uribe, who later recovered. There had also been fears of insufficient supplies of the vaccine to combat the virus as it spread across half of Colombia.

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